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The dis-ease tells us that something isn’t working right. Whether the dis-ease is an illness, anxiety, weight issue, relationship problems or financial. I help my clients map that dis-ease and outline specific ways to contain it.

Relationship Coaching

Ignorance of the functions and powers of the mind is the cause of all marital trouble. Friction between husband and wife can be solved by each using the law of mind correctly.


Stress Management

When we encounter a situation, we make two (often unconscious) judgments.

First, we decide whether the situation is threatening – this could be a threat to our social standing, values, time, or reputation, as well as to our survival. This can then trigger the fight or flight response, and the alarm phase of GAS.


Anger Management program

Think about the people in your family. Are you close? Are there people in your family with whom you are angry? Has a rift been created in your family because of poor communication or serious anger issues?


Weight control program

This field has shown us that how we feel about what we eat sends signals throughout our digestive system and body regulating how well we metabolize the food and efficiently utilizes the nutrients within it. This ties directly into the placebo and nocebo effect that has been studied extensively and verified in multiple disciplines of science


Ancestral Healing

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” -Carl Jung⠀⠀

We are all the vessels of epigenetic trauma, carrying wounds from our lineages within us. Most of which can stay dormant in our lifetime, except when certain experience, creating a certain resonating frequency may activate that trauma back.


Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a psycho-spiritual experiential technique that makes deliberate use of altered states of consciousness to enable people to access the many dimensions of the unconscious mind.


Education Performance Program

Stress in students can lead to poor academic achievement, apathy, depression, behavioral problems etc, and at a time when schools are increasingly under pressure and both students and teachers face higher levels of stress


P.A.S.T Release Therapy & workshops

When we live in those survival modes (also known as stress physiology, or stress chemistry) it usually isn’t just during one moment in the day, it is pervasive in our biology (chemical level) which impacts ALL aspects of our lives pretty much all the time.


Teacher of Dream Work and Dream Interpretation

Research indicates that dream work accelerates and deepens the psychotherapeutic process. However, an exclusive content-focused approach to dream analysis departs from the objectives of most non-psychodynamic therapy by treating the dream as a fixed narrative, the dreamer, as a passive witness, and proceeding to analyze the visual content for its presumed meaning.



My Mystical Experiences:

I was 17, a very close acquaintance’s son had tried to molest me. When I told this to my father, he confronted the friend, who was so sure that his son could never do such a thing, charged my father of falsely accusing his son, and said that we must be having some hidden agenda in doing this. My father went furious, so his friend had said, “I have so much faith on my son, that I vouch my life on his innocence”…The man died within a few days. He had a brain stroke, was admitted to the hospital, but could not make it back.

My Articles

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What my clients say about me


Manish Gaur

I’ve heard of Sarmistha through a good friend of mine who highly recommended her as I need to solve some matters. she was not wrong at all. I’ve had different type of sessions with Sarmistha since the beginning of the year that have helped me overcome so many things.

Ignacio Ocampo

Sarmistha is a very effective coach! Her ability to drive home a point by asking questions – brings focus – and differentiates her offering and approach! Interacting with her is an experience in itself! I wish her the best in her endeavours.

Sandeep Bothra

Sarmistha is a deeply empathic and unconditionally supportive professional who provides an amazing level of insight and sound advice.

Simon Testa

I got a chance to have a free session with Ms Sarmistha and she exactly understood the root cause of the issues. She is an excellent spiritual psychologist and wellness coach. I was thinking I would require around 10 to 15 sessions but within 3 session she made me understand the root causes of the issues. It doesn’t stops there, she also gave me few homework to do and sent me some ausios recorded by her own voice and few Affirmations to use which is really helpful. She is perfect and great in what she is doing.


Meeting Sarmi was the highlight of my 2018 effortlessly navigating her way, providing guidance and wisdom to live by.. one day I came to my appointment and so much was going on, she said if I make a session for you today I would be stealing your money and she sent me back with a compass: to make decisions from love not .. from fear … thank you Sarmi for being such a wonderful human being ….

Sylvie Bali
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