There has been a recent incident in India, where teenagers are arrested for discussed future sex positions with future girlfriends, including flipping girls over their stomach during sex, on snap chat. The latest theory doing the rounds is that there were some girls also in the ‘Locker Room’ who, along with the boys, chatted sex, including a discussion on gang rape. Their chat room conversations got leaked, and investigation is on. Now, can this be considered as “The wickedness of ‘the evil’? Even though the acts were not committed directly, but indirectly. Evil that originated in the mind but has not been acted out, can that be considered as evil?

Society, media, religious communities, everyone is condemning the kids for what they did. If personality development is the result of socialization and enculturation, then, aren’t the society and our culture responsible for the actions of our children? Isn’t this a collective responsibility? We understand that a child acquires a socialized self-system, persona, and self-concept by introjection of the behaviors, views, values, expectations and opinions of others via rewards and punishment, behavioral examples and ideologies set by the adults, and cultural mores. If these introjections are themselves vicious, then the child will inevitably develop a potential evil producing character structure. I understand the need to correct these kids, and set an example for others, so that they get to know, what is morally acceptable and what is not? But, we as the adults should be careful in our treatment towards these kids, we must not treat them as the objects but rather the subjects/products of the embedded evil in our society. This is the failure of our society.

What enables children to acquire an authentic self-system, is the incapability of adult caregivers to empathize with and mirror accurately the child’s own experience. From the discussion of the concept of evil given by different religion, we can conclude that if we learn to love and not to hate, if we learn to understand but not to criticize, if we respect the belief of others and if we are obedient to God and if we acquire and love knowledge then no evil would touch us. By following the path given by different religions a person can shape their own destiny and build their own prosperity. When right education have been established, prosperity follows inevitably. If we believe in a spiritual truth and pass it through the prism of the human intellect man’s mind must be developed by trouble and struggle and it will grow by challenge and man achieves the power to fight against evil. The thinkers of different religion should get together in a common endeavor to realize the good life, which avoids evil, through truth and love. God is truth and the service. Man is not master of the universe but he may become the master of his one-self and he can choose the path of good avoiding evil.  The eternal religion is not irrational and unscientific.  So its acceptance about the idea of evil will solve many of our desperate problems and it will bring peace to men of good will. If religion is the awareness of our real nature in God, it makes for a union of all mankind based on communion with the eternal. The path given by different religion to overcome evil, can be used for correction and enrichment.

Yet there is the undeniable common human experience of evil as a concrete reality. There is also the universal human question, expressed variously as: Why do the innocent suffer and the wicked flourish? Why is the world not better ordered and more just? Why is there suffering and death at all in the universe? If Evil people are to be distinguished by these traits: Consistent destructive, scapegoating behavior, which may often be quite subtle; Pronounced concern with a public image and self-image of respectability, contributing to a stability of lifestyle but also to pretentiousness and denial of hateful feelings or vengeful motives; then it is time for our society to wake up and look at our children as reflections of ourselves. It is important that studying the problems of evil and a variety of theodicies across cultures and around the globe puts us in touch with our shared humanity. Appreciation for this shared humanity is a strong basis to grapple with the deepest of human perplexities.

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