P.A.S.T Release workshop

A healthy human system tends to:

  1. Come down from stress naturally.
  2. Go to sleep peacefully and wake-up in the morning feeling rested and refreshed.
  3. Absorb healthy nutrition for all the cellular needs (think about cells in your gut sucking up the good vitamins and minerals) and also excrete toxic waste products (um, poop!) with ease and frequency.
  4. Repair and regenerate your cells and body tissue at a harmonious speed that isn’t too slow and isn’t too fast, but is JUST right for your own unique needs.
  5. Think and create with crystal clear focus and not always be stuck in a ‘brain-fog’.
  6. Be productive in the projects, work and tasks you do on any given day.
  7. Steer away from harmful people who create chaos and strife in your life.
  8. Parent with greater ease, better boundaries and more empathy (even in those really tough times)!
  9. Engage in meaningful relationships that nurture and provide safety for you.

When we live in those survival modes (also known as stress physiology, or stress chemistry) it usually isn’t just during one moment in the day, it is pervasive in our biology (chemical level) which impacts ALL aspects of our lives pretty much all the time.
Research shows chronic early stress, or having a system that’s not wired in a healthy and regulated way from the start, will impact not just our physical health, such as our digestion, immune system and heart health, but also will propagate the ailments of the emotions and mind that are associated with high alert and/or severe shutdown.

This means even though we might experience mental or emotional pain, it is rooted in our body’s physiology and how we were wired from the start to handle stress which is usually a clever combination of being somewhat anxious and on guard (fight/flee survival energy), or, shutdown, depressed and numbed out (that freeze survival energy).

Early chronic and toxic stress will also impact our capacity to trust others, move through resistance, set clear, healthy boundaries and be in our true creative genius.

To heal means to do deep nervous system, somatic nervous system, work.

If we don’t work from this root level, this stress physiology will run the front of the bus and potentially take us to places we don’t want to go.

I was fascinated by how a specific shaking therapy can radically transform the way we deal with stress, particularly old and accumulated baggage. And developed the Psychosomatic Anxiety, Stress and Trauma(P.A.S.T) Release Program, adding to it a few of my own learning experiences.

PAST Release program will teach you techniques to reset the reflexes and habits in the central nervous system. When we have tension and trauma, the old parts of the brain become stuck in defensive strategies, making us tight and contracted prepared for fight-or-flight or freezing the body.

In the 2 days you will practice what it means to find ease and joy in your breath. You will investigate movements in the body with play. You will learn how to re-frame your limiting thoughts…and keep yourself motivated. You will learn to deliberately activate involuntary shaking that we’ve all experienced at times of terror, to discharge stress and balance the nervous system – a kind of factory reset, if you like. The neurogenic tremors are such that you can repeat the process in the comfort of your own home. When used regularly this self help technique can assist you to feel calmer, think clearer and be more present. It has the potential to enhance emotional capacity that can lead to a host of benefits including increased self esteem , self confidence, calmness , connectedness , clarity and overall a sense of vitality.

The workshop or one to one sessions are suitable for anyone regardless of level of physical fitness or ability. All that is required is curiosity and comfortable clothes.

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