About me

Welcome to Mind Solutions.

We experience pain on many different levels, which can manifest as; physical discomfort, lack of abundance or low self esteem, weight problem, relationship problems, anxiety or even spiritual crisis. It is our thought, emotion and energy block which contribute to the pain and disease we are experiencing.
When you are aware of that, which is stopping you from manifesting what you want in life; by tuning into your mind & body, you discover the essential information you need to heal. Sometimes you may have to overcome physical, mental or emotional challenges, and at other times it could be a spiritual crisis that need to be addressed, in order to heal.

I outline specific processes to release those heavy emotions or trauma or energy blockages to get free of anxiety, panic, fear, worry, pain and overwhelm. It is possible to start feeling the positive changes in just a sessions. And after releasing stuffed emotions, automatically new life enhancing programs replace the old faulty ones, and you then react with calm and serenity, in events that used to trigger unwanted anxiety.