Education Performance Program

Stress in students can lead to poor academic achievement, apathy,
depression, behavioral problems etc, and at a time when schools are
increasingly under pressure and both students and teachers face higher
levels of stress.

It is estimated that one in ten young people suffer from a mental health difficulty. Giving them the right help early on can set them up for life, teaching them resilience and perhaps even valuable life skills.

These students can learn to overcome their anxiety, grow in
confidence, and feel comfortable in exam conditions. This isn’t magic, or trickery, but simple, concentrated, techniques which allow an individual to take control of their emotional state, and remain focused and confident whilst being challenged.

My aim is to give the students simple coping strategies that they can
utilize to reduce their anxiety levels and perform at their very best.
All this can lead to much better academic performance and far greater emotional well being for the student.

This Educational Performance Programme is conducted over a three week period. Three, one and half hour sessions are designed to bring about a positive change to a student’s mindset, to give them a set of ‘mind management tools’ that can help them focus on success instead of focusing on negatives and failures.
This is not a short-term fix, its creating skills for life, in that if that student uses the ‘tools’ they will develop a lifetimes habits for being calmer, more resilient to pressures and always perform at their very best.
The Programme includes a audio clip, which the student is asked to listen to each day, and which will reinforce, the calmness state and rid the student of any build up of the little day to day stresses.

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