This field has shown us that how we feel about what we eat sends signals throughout our digestive system and body regulating how well we metabolize the food and efficiently utilizes the nutrients within it. This ties directly into the placebo and nocebo effect that has been studied extensively and verified in multiple disciplines of science. Every thought and feeling about food we eat, have proven to be highly effective for promoting maximum efficiency in digestion.

How can you apply this in your own life? Simply by changing your habitual thoughts and feelings about the food you eat. How do you know that will work? Look to anyone who has ever changed their habits around eating because they believed the changes in habits would help them. Not simply someone who adopts temporary diets, but actual changes to their habits in life and feels positive about their choice to change those habits.

The weight control program takes place over five weeks. Five, one and half hour sessions each utilizing techniques that are designed to bring about a permanent change in a clients eating habits, and focus on the person they want to be, not on the person they don’t. The reason this takes place over five weeks, is to form a habit, and generally it takes 28 days to form a habit in someone, remember this is not a program designed for a short term fix, it is to get your client to where they want to be, and to stay there.
It includes a back up audio clip for the client to listen to every day, which reinforces the new messages and aids that permanent change in behavior.
Although not absolutely necessary, I also like to give the client another personalized audio clip at the end of the program, perhaps more focused on a motivation to exercise.

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